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Stop Talking….. Before I Get Out the Duct Tape.

On my Fridays, I take the ferry to / from work. It’s like a sightseeing trip.
This past week, in the morning, I was able to score a chair out on the deck.
Sitting in the sunshine and watching the world go by.

Sailed right into downtown Boston, calm and relaxed.
THIS is a civilized commute.

The return home is even better as they have a bar on board.
Usually, I throw my bag into a seat and grab a Chardonnay for $6.
This. Is. Nice.

If I were a guy, I’d have at least two beers on the way back. I watch them and most do. Some buy two beers right off the bat. Smart.

This past end of the work week, I was the third person in line for the ferry. So I was able to get my wine on the way to finding a seat. I decided to sit outside on the return as well. It was lovely. Sunny. Didn’t need a coat. Beautiful. I settled in and prepared for the start of my weekend.

There were 34 people on the outside deck.
3/4 of them were on their smart phones.
1 was reading a book.
Several were enjoying the surroundings, hidden behind their sunglasses and drinking their beers.
1 was politely smiling and nodding his head.


Because the girl he was sitting next to would not shut the hell up.
She talked.
And talked.
And talked.
And T A L K E D.
And kept on talking.
She never took a breath.
Not to mention she was loud.
Annoyingly loud.
They were right behind my left shoulder.

The point in having a conversation with someone is to say something – then let the talking partner have an opportunity to respond. To talk to the point of vomiting words is not carrying on a conversation. It’s being a selfish conversation hog. When you are a conversational hog, you don’t care what the other person has to say, because all you want to hear is your own voice. Your conversation partner practically has to karate chop you to get you to shut up or they need to fly the white flag and give up.

This, does not a good conversationalist make.

She literally, I don’t think ever….. took a full minute of silence.

These are some of the areas she covered in her 40 minute filibuster:

She just got married.
They bought a house.
Since she is now married, everyone is telling her to go back to school.
She’s not sure she really wants to go back to school.
And why should she go back cause she just got married?
Does that make any sense? No. It’s so odd.
She works at a hospital.
This department is so much better than her previous one because you’re not trying to save lives in this one.
There is a lot less pressure.
But who knows if this is the right department for her.
Oh and there is this doctor who just annoys her.
And the co-workers are really great, especially this one….
Her new husband used to work at an Auto Zone.
Now he is doing referrals.
They are so excited to be back in Boston.
Although she doesn’t like the winters.
She loves this weather though.
Isn’t it nice weather?
Her mother told her to bring her sneakers when she comes to visit.
It was good she told her, cause she wasn’t planning on bringing her sneakers.
There are so many trails.
When she and her mom went on the trail behind the house, there were lots of turkeys.
Her mom is afraid of turkeys.
She takes pictures of all the turkeys.
Oh look! There’s another one, better get a picture.
What do you think this is? Left over and forgotten bridge?
They aren’t doing anything with it.
Wonder what it’s here for.
That is so random.
40 minutes of this. Relentless babble.
She was early 20’s.
He was in his 50’s.
Obviously he was an old family friend as she was asking him about what so-n-so is doing now a days, how excited her mom will be to know she ran into him, it’s been such a long time. Etc.

Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.

What is usually a pleasant 40 minute water journey home, felt like an eternity.
There were no other chairs available on the deck – so I was stuck unless I wanted to go inside.


It was like being in a long hallway in a horror movie, trying to get to the end, but the hallway kept getting longer and longer. There was no end in sight. Your anxiety rising like a repeat of Chinese food in the back of your throat.

At any moment, I felt a giant alien may come out of someone’s chest, or a little kid on a red tricycle was going to show up and pedal around the deck. Either would have been better than being pummeled by her voice.

This was pure agony.

I was annoyed.






For the love of god – put a sock in it!
Here! Use my sock!
You are melting any ear wax I have because of the incessant noise that is your non-stop verbal cacophony.

Yes, the gentleman did get a few words in edgewise. I only know this because I could hear the wind blowing for a change. He was soft-spoken and got to the point. He didn’t pontificate on the pros and cons of going back to school or eating out at the new place around the corner from work. This man understood the etiquette for conversation. It’s only too bad he didn’t educate her on what that entailed.

I’m sure his face was tired of smiling and nodding by the time they got off the boat.

My ears were ringing when I got off and I only had one chardonnay! I should have followed the boys on board and had a second.

Where’s The Rock I Like To Beat My Head Against?

My favorite part of the day, after realizing I’ve been blessed with another day to experience this world, is morning snuggles with my cat FeeBee. She’s the little 5 pounder.

She has a routine:

Pop gets up about 5:00AM.

FeeBee gets up about 5:15AM and heads to kitchen for first breakfast.
(our cats are like hobbits….they enjoy multiple feedings)

(Liggy has already been in the kitchen waiting for first breakfast since 4:45AM.)

FeeBee enjoys first breakfast and some light social interactions – then heads back to bed.

Begin: Morning Snuggles.

She climbs up on the bed, usually very gently licks my face, if I’m not awake and climbs under the covers next to me. Ahhh, I love this. FeeBee will snuggle in and purr away until it’s time for me to get up.

There’s no talking.
No complaining.
No bitching.
No worrying.
No drama.
Just perfectly content on being next to each other.

THIS is why I sometimes enjoy my cats more than people. Is that wrong? Actually, this is why I enjoy hanging out with animals more than people. They accept you for who you are and get this: they STILL love you! It’s incredible.

They will always listen to you talk about your day, your concerns, your anger, etc….well, at least they look like they’re listening, even if they’re sleeping. Not humans. No. It’s all about us as individuals. That wears me down.

Sometimes, the person you’re speaking to doesn’t even hear what you’re saying – literally, and you get the “huh? what?” response. Can you wear TV Ears all the time or only when watching TV? Others nod their head in understanding but reply with something totally irrelevant.

Have you experienced that type of conversation? Say you’re discussing with a friend how your boss wants you to deliver a presentation on the latest findings of, “Carbon Fluctuation in Mangrove Forests South of the Equator.” As you continue to vent your frustrations – because you don’t even know what a Mangrove Forest is – your friend agrees with you and looks like they’re on your side…until …. you pause to give them a moment to verbally support you and they say something like:

“That’s crazy. Do you think the blue dress looks better with my eyes or the green one?”

Or maybe they say, “I know. Did you read in the latest edition of “Motor This” magazine that they’re coming out with a new jet fuel mister that super charges your engine, even if you drive a four cylinder?”

Wait. What? Hello? Haven’t you been listening? Uhhh, apparently not.

Then there are the individuals who just like to hear themselves talk about themselves. You’re hoping they will offer a shoulder to lean on and unfortunately you’ve pinned your hopes on that sturdy shoulder of support. Which turns out to be a shoulder made of quicksand, as you realize it’s not about you, it’s all about them.

Can you hear me now? How about now? Now?

Rather than help you find solutions on how to handle the idiot at the office who is insistent on microwaving stinky fish for lunch each day – they say they understand completely how rude that is and then launch into how unfair it is when they have to wait for a cardio machine at the gym. Waiting for the machine really cuts into their gym time. They have a set schedule, which is inflexible. Did you know their boss scheduled 4 safety meetings last week that totally ruined their week? The stress of the safety meetings, on top of 2 school recitals for the kids and not to mention having to take a pair of shoes in for repair – really it’s unfair. They don’t know how they’re going to survive, what should they do? You’re kidding me, right? What about my fish? (insert eye roll here)

Damn, where’s that rock I like to beat my head against… you think to yourself. Check please.

I do admit, I’ve gotten good at the people who just want to jump on you with their verbal input. It usually happens when you’re right in the middle of making your point and usually mid-word then – BAM -they pounce on you like a cougar on an innocent lamb. (okay, I don’t really think cougars and lambs are in the same neighborhood, but you get the idea.) My response comes in a very stern voice, accompanied by an annoyed glare, “I WASN’T finished.”

On the other hand, there’s people who take it upon themselves to be the cheerleaders of life. OMG these people wear me out. Talking with them is like having to run a marathon – in the rain – uphill – barefoot – against your will – naked. Just shoot me. It only took one conversation to realize this person is on something and it’s probably not a prescribed medication. It’s easier to wallow along in your misery than share it with the Happy Freak.

Lastly, there are the people you want to avoid at all costs. You know the ones. You have a function of some sort, whether it’s work related or social. Knowing the “Problem” will be in attendance, you slowly make your way into the room to survey the surroundings. For some odd reason the “Problem” always, always, always makes a bee line for you at these things.

As you edge along the inside wall, you spy the “Problem” across the room. You see a group of friends at the bar and head that direction. Easy does it. If you move slow enough, you won’t catch the “Problem’s” attention. Slow and steady. You’re standing there with friends, when out of nowhere the “Problem” is at your side.

The “Problem” has entered your personal space! Warning lights are flashing and you can’t think of anything but how to escape the black hole of Problem X. If I can reach out and touch you – you’re too close, back it up buddy. Stay outside the hulla hoop of personal space!

Immediately the “Problem” starts to interrogate you and with each question they get closer and closer:

Problem: “Haven’t seen you in a long time.”
You take a 1 step back : “Yeah, I know.”

Problem: “What have you been up to?”
You take a 1 step back : “work”

Problem: “Did you sell your house?”
You take a 1 step back: “yep”

Problem: “Full price?”
You take 1 step back: “yep”
(You also realize your friends have abandoned you at this point. Fend for yourself buddy.)

Problem: “You know in today’s market you’re really lucky to…..blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”
You take a 1 step back – into a table – &^$#)_&!

Problem: “When I sold my house……blah, blah, blah…..the buyers….blah, blah, blah….you should…..you’re so lucky….here’s an idea for you…
By this time the Problem has you cornered and is so close you can tell they use Ben Gay. (things I don’t want to know) Your butt cheek is literally resting on the table. Mentally you’re sending out “help me” signals. Like a dying goldfish going down the final toilet swirl of life….help….me….help!

You spy a friend making their way towards you and they extend their hand to you – a life line! Grab it! Hold on! Don’t Let Go! Must Get Out of Here! OMG! SAVE ME! Within a minute your friend has literally pulled you off the table and into their safety net.

Whew….that was a close one.

So, that’s why I like my feline friends. It’s much easier. And really, they only complain about things like: the sun patch on the floor didn’t last long enough, the spider ran under the couch and they couldn’t get it, they’d really like to have more treats and they’d prefer not to be brushed or have their toenails clipped.

Much easier than falling down that rabbit hole of strange conversations. It’s not that I don’t like people, I just wish it was easier and sometimes I want it to be all about me. Let me be right. Let me bitch. Let me complain. Let me wallow. Sometimes just listen to me, agree with me and take up my side for a few minutes. It’ll make me feel better.