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Saving Mrs. Pickles – a Shar Pei Rescue

Our first meeting at the local shelter.

What a story.

We rescued Mrs. Pickles from the local shelter and her story is below.
If you feel a Random Act of Kindness coming on, please consider donating to her account at the Southeast Alaska Animal Medical Center.

8231 Glacier Highway, Juneau, AK 99801

“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring–it was peace.”
– Milan Kundera

The Reason Behind Saving Mrs. Pickles…..the Fundraiser

We had fallen in love with Sadie at the Juneau Humane Society several weeks ago. She was found running in a field and her owners never came to pick her up from the pound. From the day we met her, we went every day to walk Sadie, as she was called. We were excited to add a new member to our family.

After being approved to adopt her, we took Sadie, who we had renamed to:

Mrs. Pickles, to our vet prior to signing the paperwork.

Dr. Taylor informed us because she’s a Shar Pei mix, she will require entropian eye surgery, which is quite common for the Shar Pei. The easiest way to explain the surgery is due to the eyelashes rolling into her eyes, the skin has to be removed. If you don’t do the surgery, the animal, in all likelihood, will go blind.

The good news was Mrs. Pickles only had some scaring on her cornea, which wouldn’t leave her blind. The bad news is the surgery costs $1200! Even worse, is if the surgery doesn’t work completely the first time, they may have to do it a second time!

We returned to the vet and sadly told them we couldn’t afford to take on a dog with such health issues. That night we went home and drank a GIANT bottle of wine as we were both heartbroken we couldn’t bring her home.

For days tears flowed. I was worried the next adoptive family wouldn’t get her eyes fixed and that was so important! We heard another family was interested in Mrs. Pickles and then we learned they declined adopting her due to the medical expense.

The next day I went back to the pound and started walking Mrs. Pickles every day. Her situation wasn’t her fault, so why shouldn’t she get out for a walk each day?

After a few days we agreed something had to be done.

We contacted the pound and told them we’d like to adopt Mrs. Pickles. Our plan was to hold a dog walk fundraiser for her, with Mrs. Pickles passing out doggie bandannas to all her furry friends who attended.

However after bringing Mrs. Pickles home, we realized her eyes were bothering her more than we thought. They’re squinty and watering not to mention painful as she paws at them or rubs them on the floor. Sooner, rather than later, is our theory on the surgery.

Mrs. Pickles is scheduled for surgery this Thursday, April 28th. Dropping off at the medical center at 6:30AM.

We have set up an account for Mrs. Pickles at our vet’s office.

If you would like to donate to the Save Mrs. Pickles fund, please contact the Southeast Alaska Medical Center at 907.789.7551 or 8231 Glacier Highway, Juneau, AK 99801

Thank you for your consideration of a Random Act of Kindness, it is greatly appreciated!

~Donna, Eric, FeeBee, Liggy and Mrs. Pickles

Keeping It In The Family – Vet Style.

We have two kids.
FeeBee, a small, gray, snuggler – rescued from the pound.

FeeBee with Festive Hat

And Liggy, the only Manx in the litter with a tail – who is a light 18-pounds. She was rescued from my hairdresser.

Liggy contemplating exercise.

About five years ago, Liggy started to smell unpleasant. I couldn’t figure it out. Since she is a long haired cat, I would check her butt to make sure nothing got stuck….but still, she smelled off.

After a while I made an appointment with the vet, thinking maybe cats are like dogs and sometimes need to get their anal sacks squeezed. What do I know? My cat smells like poop! That’s not normal!

Off we go. Liggy in her extra-large cat carrier – 6 miles to the vet’s office with Liggy telling me about how unhappy she is the entire way. Anyone with cats will tell you, car rides for cats generally aren’t like car rides for dogs. Although FeeBee, our other cat, could care less….

We get to the vets office and are ushered into an exam room and the vet comes in. I explain that my cat smells like poop and maybe she needs to be squeezed. Poor Liggy, she’s the size of a watermelon, and trying to get her to sit on the baby scale for an accurate weight is not an easy thing. Especially when you have hairy feet. That long hair between the toes must be a bitch.

The vet pokes and prods her. Checks her vital signs and then looks at me and says, “I’m going to take her in the back and will be back in a few minutes.”

I remind the vet how heavy Liggy is and to not to throw his back out when lifting her….could you imagine that lawsuit?!

So I sit down and wait. I thumb through the magazines in the exam room and learn that dog beds with cedar chips help to combat smell. I ponder the idea of making Liggy a necklace with cedar blocks used in closets….when the vet returns.

Actually TWO vets have returned. The second vet is cradling Liggy like she’s a 18 pound new born. First vet, probably did throw his back out – duh, I warned you! Liggy does not look happy. But then again, neither would I if I needed my anal sacks emptied.

Wow – two vets, this can’t be good. Immediately I start thinking what could it be? Tumor? Cancer in her butt? She’s dying from some rare form of feline disease yet to be discovered? I’m not a very good mother. This is why I don’t have human kids. Oh Liggy, what are we going to do? You can’t die. You’re too young. We’ll fight this! Shit.

Vet 1: “We tried to squeeze Liggy’s anal sacks and they were fine.”

Me: “Ok.”

Vet 1: “That wasn’t the problem.”

Me: “Ok.”

Vet 1: “The problem is your cat is so fat she has fat flaps.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Vet 2: “If you look here on your cat. (turns her butt towards me) Sorry, we had to shave her butt….but see here, she has two fat flaps on either side of her butt.”

Vet 1: “Yes, they’re about the size of peanuts in the shells. (points at two definite flaps)”

Me: —– dumbfounded —–

Vet 2: “Unfortunately, she’s gotten so fat that she’s unable to clean herself properly. Because of this, the poop has gotten up under these fat flaps (points at flaps) and has irritated her skin.”

Me: “uh-huh”

Vet 1: “We had to shave her butt, due to the amount of poop that had accumulated under the flaps. You’ll notice the area on either side of her anus is very red and raw?”

Me: “Yes.”

Vet 1: “That’s due to the compacted poop. It’s diaper rash.”

Me: “What?”

Vet 1: “Your cat has diaper rash.”

Me: —- dumbfounded —-

Vet 1: “I’m going to give you a prescription for medicated pads. You’ll need to wipe her butt area twice a day for the next two weeks. If she shows a flare up during the two weeks, then we can write a prescription for an ointment. She needs to loose weight. Until she does, you’ll have to keep shaving her butt.”

Me: “So, my cat is fat. Has butt flaps. Has diaper rash. And I have to wiped her ass twice a day with the medicated pads. Are you sure she didn’t need to be squeezed?”

Vet 1: “And keep her butt shaved until she looses weight. You can bring her in for shaving, one of our technicians can do it.”


They help me load Liggy back up into her extra large carrying case and we head out to get the perscription and pay our bill. On the way home I tell Liggy, this will be our secret and we won’t mention it to anyone. How humiliating…fat, non-existent self cleaning abilities, diaper rash, medicated wipes, potential of ointments and now regular butt shaving! I’m thinking: They need to offer a shot service to the parents at the conclusion of your vet visit. Would you like a tequila, whiskey or jello shot before we continue? I need a drink.

Fast forward a month – and it’s time to go get Liggy re-shaved. I call the vet and they tell me to just swing by and one of the techs will take care of her. Apparently it only takes a few minutes to accomplish. Back in the extra-large carrier Liggy goes. Into the car – both of us screeching the entire 6 miles to the vet’s office.

We get to the vet’s office and the front desk gal tells me to take a seat while she notifies one of the techs. There we sit. I point Liggy’s carrier towards the window so she can watch the birds and cars go by. It also takes her mind off the enormous black lab that just walked in for an appointment….when suddenly….

I hear Liggy’s named called…..by a voice that sounds oddly familiar.

How strange is that?

Then I hear: “Donna! It’s you! I didn’t know this was your cat!”

I turn around to greet the person who is talking to me….

It’s Ed.

My literal next door neighbor.

I mutter a cheerful, “Hey Ed, how’s it going?” And we exchange pleasantries for a few minutes. I don’t see Ed very often, except when we’re both on our balconies.

Then Ed says, “So Liggy needs to get her butt shaved…It’ll only ttake me a minute.”

I mange to squeak out: “Wait. What? You’re shaving her butt? I thought you worked in the vet pharmacy?”

Ed: “Oh I do, but I also do tech stuff too. Did you want to go with us for the shaving?”

Me: “Uh, no.”

Now mortified, that Ed, my neighbor, knows I’m not a good mother….and I have a fat cat….with fat flaps on her ass….that had compacted poop….which caused diaper rash….who needs her butt shaved….so much for keeping it in the family.

I’ll take that tequila shot.

Liggy and Ed return.
She won’t even look at me.
I can’t look at Ed.

Fast forward a month….the patron saint of pets and their unfit mothers has smiled down on me! In the “lost and found” box at work I happen upon a Wahl Hair Trimmer set. Score! We’ll be closet butt hair shavers!

I wrap it up and present it to Liggy as an early birthday gift.

She looks at me and orders a double cat nip.