About This Crazy Writer

In today’s depressing world, humor is a gift. We’ve all encountered crazy situations, thought un-nice things about our friends, have undertaken stupid actions and questioned what the heck we’re doing.

The only difference is I’m actually saying it out loud and sharing it with others.

If you think something here sounds suspiciously like you – you’re probably right. Everyone is fair game. However, don’t be angry and hold a grudge. Consider it a good thing! Apparently I found our interaction interesting enough to spend a good deal of my time writing about it. Besides, humor is the best medicine.

I’ve spent the last year living in the outskirts of Miami.  Prior to that I was living the wild life in Juneau, Alaska – where I left my heart.  Insert giant sigh here.  18 years in Alaska was fantastic but the grey skies and rain were enough after a while and I needed a new adventure.  Palm trees, warm oceans and more silicone implants than I can put in the trunk of my Yaris….Miami….a whole other adventure.

After less than two years in Miami, it was “Adios!”  Enough is enough…

Landing in Boston…it’s amazing.  Friendly, beautiful and no honking!  A bonus!

If you knew me you’d never know the things I love.  I love being creative and strange things like UFC – go figure.  Shhhh – don’t tell anyone.

1 thought on “About This Crazy Writer

  1. Cynthia

    Still laughing: “Okay, I’m standing here with a 15 pound feline, who isn’t really happy with her situation. Could we move this along? Is she doesn’t start hissing, I might. We both might.”


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