The Best Night’s Sleep in Ages

Sometimes I hate having to go to bed.

I think I’m tired.  I put on my pajamas, brush my teeth, wash my face and climb into bed.

As soon as my head hits the pillow my brain sends a signal that says, “Open 24 Hours” in a giant neon sign.  Blindly blinking behind my eyeballs.

On.  Off.  On.  Off.  On.  Off.  On.


Couldn’t I ponder what to eat for dinner tomorrow….maybe tomorrow?

Do I really need to replay that conversation ten times….with various optional endings?

I have weeks to decide what to wear to that event.  Why think about it now?

Am I really laying here thinking about what lion fur feels like?  (I bet it’s coarse.)

Seriously, I don’t need to be wondering what it means to dream about water and bears.




The list could go on and on.  No topic is excluded.

Sometimes, I can’t sleep because I am cursed with migraine headaches.  If you never suffered one, imagine someone putting an ice pick through your temple and having it come out your eyeball.  Or someone is trying to saw through your skull with a very dull steak knife….slowly splitting your head in two.  They’re hellish.

Other times sleep is simply not going to appear because of what I term, “Wiggly Leg Syndrome.”  Just can’t get comfortable.  Everything is achy.  The bed is uncomfortable.

Tossing.  Turning.  Rolling.  Sighing.

Nothing.  Helps.

This was the case the other night.  Aggravated, I contemplated my options.

Getting up at this particular hour was not an option, unless I was of the vampire pedigree or a late, late, late night owl.   Also, getting up would certainly mean missing the opportunity to fall asleep.  Duh.

If the bed is so uncomfortable, I could sleep in the guest room.  I love that bed.  However, my better half decided to put the bed up on stilts, so Rubbermaid containers could go underneath.  When I say Rubbermaid containers, I mean FULL SIZE containers, not the ones designed to slide under beds.  Being I am only 5’1 (on a good day), I require the step ladder to get into the guest bed now.


Even the dog has to get a running jump to get into the guest bed.  This of course causes her to land like a 60 pound cannon ball….nicely waking me up from any potential sleep that happened to accidentally sneak up on me.

Guest bed is out.

I could sleep on one of the couches.  But I am a side sleeper and well, when you curl up into a ball there’s just not enough space for me to get comfortable.  I’m always worried my butt is going to fall off the couch.

Never mind the couch.

The floor is an option.  I could get out my sleeping bag and Thermarest camping mattress.  Unfortunately they’re in the garage.  Having to go out into the garage to get them is a hassle.  I’d have to get the ladder to get to the shelf with the sleeping bag…besides the garage is cold.  The sleeping bag and mattress will be cold as well.  And it’s too much effort when trying to convince sleep to come visit.

Nix that idea.

Then it hit me.

The perfect solution.

I grabbed my favorite pillow and blanket.  Walked over to the other side of the bedroom and there it was…still fluffy from having the cover just washed.  In fact, the cover may have still been a little warm from the dryer.  I threw down my pillow, curled up in my most comfortable position and pulled my blanket up under my chin.

It was just the right size for me.  I understood the art of making a nest as I curled up and sunk into the fluffy bed.  I slept the entire night through.

No aches or pains.

No nightmares.

No crowding.

No sweating.

The giant, round, fake sheep wool, cedar scented dog bed was perfect.

Yes, my most perfect night’s sleep in ages was courtesy of Mrs. Pickles’ dog bed.  No wonder she likes her bed so much – it was ridiculously comfortable.

Can you imagine the next time we need to buy her a new dog bed?  Turn the corner in Costco and there I’ll be…. curled up on a new dog bed…testing it out.

Please note:  Mrs. Pickles, was equally delighted to have my side of the bed all to herself for the evening.







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