Yahoo! It’s Potato Day! CHIP day three today.


Day three is potato day and I can’t wait for lunch.

We successfully made it through the first two days of the CHIP program, which is only whole grains and fresh fruit.  Today, we add in whole grain bread and vegetables.  Yahoo, I think I’ve won the jackpot!

Although for dinner I have to make a vegetable stew.  I hate, hate, hate, hate….soup or stew with vegetables.  They’re too soft and smell off to me.  Kind of like how I can’t chew a banana without gagging – it’s too mushy and I instantly want to throw it up.  Well, really spit it out because I can’t swallow it because of the consistency.    Yuck.

All those who know me will be shocked.  “What?  She MADE a soup?  Surly you’re kidding.  And she ATE it?”  The up side is, the program notes that you can substitute a fruit plate for the soup.  I’ll try the soup, but am already picturing a pretty fruit plate for dinner.

Each night in class we start with an introduction to some type of food we’ve maybe not experienced before – which is helpful.  One night we had samples of steel cut oats with fresh fruit and a hot cooked grain called Amaranth.  Of course, I preferred the oats.  Eric preferred the Amaranth.  Typical.  Last night we had different types of rice, which were really good.  (Note to self, I really need to think outside the box when it comes to rice.  Yes, I’ve had black rice before but would I ever think to buy it?  No!  Why not?  And you can get it locally, which for Juneau is a shock by itself!)  The other sample was a great surprise.

Since we were on day two yesterday, we could only have the grains and fresh fruit.  You can imagine our shock when we saw the waffle press.  Several of us, nervously questioned it’s presence.  We’re so close to the ending the agony of day two, we don’t want to eat something we shouldn’t.  Fear not, our instructor said and proceeded to make pumpkin and oat waffles using almond milk and her Blend-o-matic machine.  It was wonderful!  Add a little hot fruit on the top.  Nom, nom, nom.

Without hesitation….Eric voices what I was thinking immediately.  “Had we known about waffles, we would have made these for the last two mornings  rather than choking down some 8 grain hot cereal mush.”  We had several supporters in our little group.

For the last hour we watch a video by the founder of the program Dr. Diehl.  The upside is we’re now getting into the meat of the program.  Statistics and studies around the world and comparisons.  It’s amazing.  The downside, is the new video’s haven’t been released yet (due in October) so we’re watching him speak to an audience that is obviously from the 80’s.  It’s hard to concentrate on what he’s saying when you’re mesmerized by the fashion and giant glasses in the audience!

The side effects as of today – headaches.  No doubt from the lack of caffeine.  I’ve also been ridiculously tired and am in bed by 9:00PM.  I’d go earlier, but we’ve been in class.

Bonuses to the food:  Yesterday and today, I haven’t been as starving mad hungry, thank goodness.  With today’s added food, I’m in heaven, so it’ll be much easier than previous days.

If you’re interested in reading more on the CHIP program check out their website at

A great dvd to watch as well is “Forks Over Knives.”  I highly recommend it and the book.  We’ve tried several recipes out of the book before signing up for the class and they were delicious!

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