Eating Change (by choice) Has Ravens Knocking In My Brain.

That’s exactly what it is….Ravens.

Big fluffy ones with the crazy feathers all out of place.

Inside the frontal lobe of my brain.

Pecking away.

Hoping for nothing more than a morsel of goodness in the form of a gluten free waffle, freshly toasted with organic peanut butter melted into the nooks.

No yummy goodness for you!  Instead, they’re pounding away creating a headache that only a tall, triple shot Americano would cure.  Now if I could only get that Americano.

The words that ring in my ears from last night’s first C.H.I.P. meeting are: “Do it right the first time or else you’ll never do it right later on.”

Well damn.  I had been planning on cheating as the Jump Start Program booklet said I could get off caffeine “gradually.”  My theory was instead of two coffees a day, I’d have one.  However when I came downstairs last night, I found my better half literally taping up and removing all the Kcups for our machine and taking them out into the garage to hide.

Instead?  Peppermint tea.  You can imagine my surprise when I forgot what was in my favorite coffee mug and took a big gulp.  Pah!  What the hell?!  Oh.  Right.  No caffine.

Breakfast was 8-Grain hot cereal – thank you Bob’s Red Mill organic cereal.   What 8 grains you ask?  Stone ground corn, oats, brown rice, soy beans, oat bran, millet, barley, sunflower seeds, and flaxseed – yum, yum, yum!

However I added some fresh blueberries, a sliced banana and squeeze of lemon.  It actually was quite good.  Only to find out 90 minutes later, I was hungry again.  Enter the plain brown rice and a side of 18oz of water.

By now you’re thinking, no doubt:  what the heck is she doing?

Eric and I are taking a course called the “Complete Health Improvement Program” or CHIP for short.  It’s six weeks of no dairy and no meat/fish/poultry.  If it had eyes and parents, don’t eat it.  We had our blood work done on Friday and will again have it run at the end of the course.

One of the goals of the course is to teach people how to eat so the “good life” doesn’t kill us.  It puts health at the forefront of your lifestyle rather than just another trend in the current news story.  Look around, everywhere you go….people are getting bigger and sicker.  I’ve taken to counting overweight people while standing in line to check out, standing in line to get my Americano, waiting for Eric at the movie theater.  It’s crazy….we’re a fat nation.  We’re a nation filled with diseased people:  high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol etc, etc.

If you think about it, what’s the one thing that has changed over the decades?  The convenience of food and the processing of food.  That has to be a link to our current predicament.

Which brings us to the CHIP program, started by Dr. Hans Diel.  With over 50,000 graduates, 17 published articles in medical journals and amazing results time and time again – we thought we’d take a look and see what happens.

We closed our “last night of eating whatever we want” with a moose roast, tomato and basil bisque and a bottle of wine.  Today, on day one of the Jump Start Plan, we are eating nothing but whole grains and fruit.  I’d love to have a Philly cheesesteak!

Over the next 6 weeks I’ll drop in to update you on the progress and experiences.   I’m looking forward to Wednesday….toast is allowed!

If you want to learn more, check out the CHIP website at:



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