Consignment Shop “Shock and Awe” Moment

Since I live in Alaska, in a town without a mall, I turn over my closet about once every two years or so.  This was a turn over year.  I followed directions and washed, reviewed and prepped my gently used items and dropped them off at the consignment shop a couple of days ago.

Today I returned to pick up those items they decided not to take.  The employee asked if I had a couple of minutes to review “why we didn’t take some of your items.”  Sure, I thought how bad could this be….well I was certainly surprised.

I understand the concept of a consignment store.  They buy gently used items from people who are finished with the item and hope to make a couple of bucks off the sale.  Consignments stores are a few steps above a thrift store, however they are still buying and selling used items.  I also understand the need to bring in items that are clean, free from wrinkles and stains and retaining a lot of life.

This is what I had.

However, if they went over every single item that came in there with as fine of a toothed comb as they did mine, there wouldn’t be stained, button missing, wrinkled, faded items on the racks.  You can imagine my Shock and Awe, as I stood there in my Macy’s outfit, looking extremely chic, compared to the sales assistant dressed in a men’s flannel shirt and baggy jeans… she went over each denied piece.

A yellow shirt, from Macy’s, apparently had armpit stains.  Strange,  she couldn’t really locate any said pit stains.  For a whole minute she compared the armpit material to the rest of the shirt, asking me…”do you see a difference?”  Ahhh, no and neither could she.  Well, they couldn’t take it anyway because “she won’t let us if we suspect a stain.”

A super cute Talbots cable knit sweater was denied because, “it’s been too loved.”  When I asked what that meant, she said it was faded.  Hate to tell you but that IS the color – Robin’s Egg Blue.

Dress pants, which were a size too big for me and barely worn were denied due to a light amount of “pilling, where your legs rub together.  But don’t worry, mine rub together too.”  Wow – don’t hold back.  Why don’t you tell me what you really think.

The list went on and on.  When I asked about the shoes, she pulled out a bag and the first pair pulled out were 2.5 inch Alfani heels.  The employee admitted she didn’t know why they weren’t accepted.  She turned them over, looked at the wear and said, “see this little bit of rubber that has been worn away on the heel?  She won’t let us accept these because everyone has a different walking pattern.”  You are kidding me right?  Another pair was “too worn on the bottom” even though the rubber was intact.

Denied due to worn rubber.

At the conclusion of our review she put my items in a trash bag and with a cheery smile said, “thank you for your consignment, you have the best clothes – we love it when you come in.”

Guess what sister, that’s the last time I consign anything with you.

Tomorrow, I plan to go in and take a look at what’s on the racks.  Worn, faded and wrinkled clothes?  Worn out shoes?  Old styles?  Pilled sweaters and dress slacks?  Let’s see what we find.  After all, so many people in this town dress in the current styles and are trend followers, I mean the shear volume of nearly new items in this shop should be overwhelming due to their strict acceptance policy.  Right?

Perhaps monkeys will be flying out of my butt tomorrow, but I highly doubt it.  Watch out, the Minxy is on a mission.


1 thought on “Consignment Shop “Shock and Awe” Moment

  1. niftythriftygoodwill

    i one time tried to consign a pair of rock and republic jeans…that retail for $200. the woman rejected them and when i confronted her about it it was obvious she had no idea that they were such an expensive brand. she made up some BS about them being frayed and i took them somewhere else. her loss!!!


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