Note To Self: Stop Drinking

The fun part is hanging out in the bar with friends, laughing and carrying on. The suck part is hanging on to the toilet as you throw up everything but breakfast.

I mean really. When has puking ever been fun? I didn’t enjoy it when I was a little kid and I sure as hell don’t enjoy it now. So why keep doing it?

It would be one thing if the vomiting was fun, like getting a pedicure. But when you’re gripping the toilet rim because you’re pretty sure you’re going to vomit like a fire hose, that’s not fun.

Spinning room, splitting headache, rolling stomach – is it really worth it in the long run? Sleeping on the bathroom floor rather than a soft bed is crazy – who does that? Drunk people.

Bless the cotton socks of the kind people who put a blanket on you to keep you warm on the tile floor. They plug the night light in so you can find the bed when you decide the room has stopped spinning enough. These little angels will often even pull down the covers on your side just so you can flop into bed. Lastly and most importantly, they are also known to help carry your ass to the bathroom before you make a mess of the living room carpet. Bless these aspirin wielding angels.

Feeling bad the next day is miserable. Nausea, lingering headache, the poops….it’s all terrible. I definitely won’t be going to the gym in the morning and sure as hell won’t be taking my 27 vitamins. Not on the hungover stomach. It’s at this point that you swear, once again, not to drink again. Ever. Period. None.

Yet time goes by sometimes quite a lot of time and sometimes only a few days and there you are again …. one drink, two drink, three drink FLOOR!

Hit rewind and then play.

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