Just Another Gym Rant

This time I’ll be brief.

There’s a guy at my gym who I’ve nicknamed, “The Creepy Fucker.” I wish I could video tape this guy. He was there again today and drives me absolutely insane.

He’s probably in his late 50’s and shaped like an eggplant. Glasses, brown hair. Tank top with enormous armholes….for whatever reason. AND…he walks around with a full sized bath towel to absorb his not very obvious sweat.

Besides all that, what drives me to the point of insanity is that he doesn’t do any exercise to the full range of motion. Nothing. Not a one. Notta. Not even close to full range.

Don’t get me started on the little “clink, clink, clink” of the weights as he does what he considers exercise….it is enough to make me go into the other weight room. Some people can’t take snapping/popping gum. I can’t take this guy and his ridiculous routine.

Example. He sits down to do overhead lat pull downs and puts so much weight on the rack that when he pulls the bar down, he can no longer sit down as it pulls his ass up off the bench. Are you kidding me?

Same thing with the leg extension. He sits down, puts his legs behind the pad and rather than extend his leg all the way out…he moves them maybe an inch. This movement is enough to cause him to arch his back so he’s nearly at a diagonal in the seat!

For pete’s sake….here’s a thought:

From my vantage point as I did cardio on the cross trainer I could observe him this morning doing two exercises I had yet to see him perform.

The standing calf raises. You guessed it. There was NO calf movement. Nothing. He just bounced along with bent knees.

Next up he did his version of a crossover pulley sweep. He must have loaded 100 pounds on each side – grabbed the handles and pulled maybe 2 inches from his shoulder.

Someone needs to talk to this guy. He’s killing himself and driving me crazy.


Get a trainer! Buy a book! Read a magazine! Do the movements correctly or go home!

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