Some People Aren’t Meant to be Runners.

I am not a runner. I realize that my short, little legs were not designed for running. Fine by me. However, I do have enough common sense to know when someone is out pacing themselves on the flippin treadmill. These people drive me insane. Their posture and failing about on the machine is ridiculous. Thunderous claps each time their feet hit the belt, mainly due to the machine going too damn fast is about as enjoyable as a root canal.

Signs you should either get off the treadmill at the gym, or turn the damn thing down to a speed you can handle:

Your body is pitched forward like a jack knife trailer….you should probably turn down the speed.

If you let go of the handle, you’re certain to fly off the back end….you should probably turn down the speed.

When other gym members complain about the sound of a running rhino on the treadmill as you pound your feet into the belt, while holding onto the handlebar….you should probably turn down the speed.

Do you notice other members getting off their nearby treadmills and moving away – cursing under their breath as your feet are slap happy and you have poor form? You should probably turn down the speed.

Honestly people — do us a favor and get some tipes from a runner, about proper form when running. It’ll make your life easier on that treadmill and make the rest of our time at the gym more enjoyable. Rather than plotting how to throw you off your treadmill, we’ll just smile that someone else is taking care of themselves.

You’re driving me bonkers!!!

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