Yes, She´s My Cousin. No, We´re Not “Together.”

You will be delighted to know that everyone at the Excellence Riviera Cancun thinks my cousin and I are “together.” I had my suspicions the last few days, however it was a done deal this morning when we went to the spa for our massages. They had us booked as a couple´s massage. We reversed so fast out of that room it would have made a Nascar race look dull.

After dinner we went to the disco and people (meaning couples) wanted to dance with us….apparently because “you guys are having so much fun.” I told Jenn over the thumping bass of the speakers: I am NOT going home with any of these people if that is what they´re thinking.

We were a little disappointed as a few other girl couples were spotted around the resort today. Apparently once you let one set in you can let in others. Actually I think they just got lost on the beach and detoured, as I haven´t seen them since lunch.

Only one person thus far was almost on target with us. At Carlos and Charlie´s in Cozumel the other day….Daniel told us he told the group he was with that we were sisters when we walked in. Good on ya Daniel. Of course, he was a deck officer on the Ryndam so he is paid to be observant. Anyone who looks at us could guess we are related: same laugh, same smile and same forehead.

It was a kick to see a bunch of ships in Cosumel that come to Juneau. Oh and nobody knows what to say when they ask us where we are from. Jenn yells at Philly and then jerks a thumb at me and baffels them with ALASKA. Then I get the polite nod and smile trick. You know they are thinking….if Alaska is off the coast of California, how come she isn´t tan?

Seriously, you didn´t think Alaska was off the California coastline? Take a look at any modern map. There we are with Hawaii right across the channel. And we wonder why people don´t know geography.

As you know, I am a people watcher. I would like to make a note from my observations from around the pool today….if you are beach ball big….do not wear a silver foil bathingsuit. Lady, it makes you look like one of those stove top Jiffy popcorn silver tin poofs.

I can´t wait to see what happens tonight. The hotel called this morning and wanted to set up a “special” dinner for us tonight. I told Jenn they are probably celebrating their lesbian couple with an official Mexician meal and dance. Ole!

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