Finally Got The Full Body Scan

I don’t know what id rather do at 7:00am……sleep in a hotel bed that I swear was a slab of concrete with a blanket OR get a full body scan at SeaTac. Both are stimulating options. Especially when the other guests in the hotel are leaving and yell down the hall to each other! You’ll be glad to know, apparently Harold was first to depart his hotel room but forgot his coat, which Mrs. Harold was kind enough to announce to the entire floor at 5:00AM.

As it crosses my mind, please may I give you some common sense advise? After you have pressed the button to call the elevator – step away from the doors. Why is it, 99% of the time I go to get off the elevator there is someone standing immediately upon the doors parting….waiting to charge me like a rhino? I fully march ahead, hell bent on getting out of the metal box before they get on. Common sense tells you to get out of the way of exiting passengers so there is room enough for you. But no. Most people like to practice their linebacker move and then become annoyed when those exiting try to get around them. You can either step aside or I will go up and over you. Your choice.

Lastly, I am attending a convention and it’s a wonderment of fashion do’s and dont’s. Mostly, I would like to remind women of two things….the “Flock of Seagull” hairstyle went out of style about 2 decades ago – so you might want to get a new stylist. Secondly, when you are sitting down and wearing a skirt….keep your knees together. I don’t want to see your Kooka!!

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