Escaping Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving – the day where families come together to celebrate the turkey. Gobble, gobble. Cook all day, eat like famished pygmies for fifteen minutes where upon completion, the men retire to the tv room to sleep and watch football and the women go to the kitchen to clean up and complain about the lack of attention and sex. Wow. Well guess what? I got out of it this year. Jealous?

I’m departing my boyfriend’s home town at 11:45AM for home. I won’t arrive home until Friday afternoon. Do I feel bad? Yes. But the airline tickets were astronomical for the next week and Thanksgiving day, lo and behold, was CHEAP. Am I okay to sit on a plane and down vodka tonics? Without having to deal with the “so what are you up to these days?” Awkward interrogations? YES. We are full storm ahead, thank you very much, said the only child.

In case you were wondering about my current travels. Yeah, well, American Airlines broke my hard-sided suitcases – split the shell right up the side. Wow – seriously? What? You were stacking gorillas on top of my 39lb suitcase or what? Needless to say two half days were spent in Buffalo turning in my paperwork and broken suitcase. It’s like being on “Press Your Luck” please….big money, no whammies.

Last night, I met a new old friend, “Juneau.” I need puppy.

Okay so the next family has arrived, so I need to sign off, but can I say, ” what the hell with the people with bluetooth button in their ear – it’s stupid.” Thank you and good night.

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