Big Beavers.

Oh my, it has been a fast week. The tourism convention has had me running like crazy. But I’ve had some great moments to treasure without a doubt.

World’s largest beaver – check your beaver here. The beaver jokes are unending here this week….

Beaver Beaver.....

First, I have to introduce you to Levi Kreis and Eric Himan – two amazing musicians that were playing here in Montreal. Kyle, my coworker, and I went over to Le Piano bar to hear them play last night. Levi was our MC during the Broadway show lunch at the convention and mentioned they’d be playing at this club. It was fantastic. I can’t say enough good things about them. Definitely, look them up.

The other day I wandered over to the Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal. I’ve never seen anything so ornate and amazing. Wow. If I didn’t have to get to work the next day, I would have gone back to hear the choir and organ service at 11:00AM. One can imagine what that would have sounded like.

Well the only thing I can say is that laughter is good. Although it may not necessarily be the best when you’re a group of 8 and being the loud and obnoxious American’s in a swanky French restaurant. Needless to say we had a kick of a time and enjoyed ourselves above and beyond the normal thresholds of humor’s sake. There is something to be said when you laugh so hard it makes your stomach hurt, or you don’t make a sound or you can’t swallow your beverage because you’ll choke. I love that laughter. It’s so much better when you do it in a group.

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