I Walked 6 Miles Uphill Both Ways

Could you imagine if I had legs that long?

Well last night I was absorbed into my book – that would be the first volume of a multi-volume vampire series. You may be familar with it – the series airs on HBO. 2:00AM, I’m still reading …. will Sookie end up with Bill? OMG, I HAVE TO KNOW! Honestly, like I have better things to do with my time, like oh, I don’t know ….. sleep. I hate romance stories so why would a vampire romance be any different? Because vampires don’t exist. Thank you.

So I got up – at lunchtime. The hotel I’m at has coffee available. In the lobby. Yeah, like I’m rolling out of bed with my hair done up like some psycho rooster, pjs all messed up, in my pink slippers and wander done to the lobby for coffee. If you haven’t noticed, I’m not Kramer from Seinfield. Do you want cream with that? Was that english? No, cause I’m in Montreal.

Eventually, I was up and out and wandering the streets. I like walking. I enjoy looking at the buildings, the sunlight, confusing the drivers who think I’m crossing at the corner when really I can’t make up my mind which way to go next. It’s great. I must have walked 6 miles today.

I walked towards a building that had a big “Molson” painted on the side, cause I thought…..that must be the brewery….mmmmmm beer. Then within a block of it, I realized two things. There’s a lot of smoke stacks with that Molson sign and actually I’m not a big fan of Molson beer. Detour ahead.

So I wandered the other direction. Ponder me this. Do I have a big sign on my ass that says, “crowd me.” Honestly, the only store that didn’t have another customer trying to walk up my ass was the wine shop. One shop must have had 100 woman in it. Every single thing I went to look at was greeted with another female trying to walk up and over me. Really? Cause my taste in clothing isn’t wonderful so if a bunch of other woman are looking at the same thing, some one might want to call the fashion police.

The highligh of my day would be dinner this evening. Dining with Kyle, my co-worker and Allison from Skagway, who works at the WhitePass Railroad. Kyle would like another beer but our waiter wasn’t the most observent. So a waitress passed by and I busted out an “excusez-moi” and the waitress immediately turned and said, “Oui?” I was stunned, “shit, it worked!” I’ve now become Allison’s intrepetor. Great – as long as we stick to my four sentences.

Kyle texted me today when he arrive to Montreal and asked what I was up to at the moment. Honestly, I was sitting in a church somewhere because I needed to sit down for a moment.

Just need to sit....

Their churches here are intense. Insanely beautiful and ornate. The two I visited today – they let you walk all over the place. Of course, I refrainied myself from jumping up in the sacred area —- tempting as it was for the “wonder what it looks like from up there.” Although I did pay to light candles at both. Thank you.

It was amazing – the details and yet the quietness of the churches. There are churches everywhere here. Tomorrow I hope to get to the Notre Dame Basillaca. It’s only a block from my little hotel, as we’re in what they call “Old Montreal.” It’s lovely with cobblestone streets….makes me think of Jack the Ripper. Strange.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. Will I or won’t I…..go for coffee? And yes, Sookie and Bill DID get together. Stupid vampires are keeping me up too late.

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