Final Night in Australia

Well here I am. What a day. Got my carry on suitcase through the Virgin Australia agents – whew. Not only was it over weight – allowed 7kg or about 15lbs but it was slightly bigger than allowed. The ticket agent was like, “it doesn’t fit?” I told her, “oh, I’ll make it fit.” Deal. Got a migraine on the plane – but the flight attendants were great, cold compresses and checking on me. But I had to pay for the coffee – mental note, not thrilled with Virgin Airlines. Got off in Sydney and hey – guess what? It’s raining. A lot. I checked into the Sydney Hilton and they upgraded me to a wonderful corner room. I am in love with this room. Ran upstairs, got changed and then ran down to the harbor.

Hilton Sydney

Hilton Room other view

Last time I was here, you may remember, I spent my free afternoon buying clothing and personal items as my luggage had gone missing. So today was my chance. I hopped on the ferry over to Manly Island and ate dinner at a little place across from the ferry terminal and then came back.

Since the weather is typical Juneau weather – the waves were HUGE at the Manly beach. There must have been 50 surfers out there.

Manly Beach

What’s crazy is that hardly anyone here wears a raincoat. Umbrellas galore – but no rain coats. Strange. They all probably thought I was nuts. All these people huddle under the building awnings at the cross walks and when it turns green for walk they all dash madly out from the awning – I nearly got trampled. Then I got smart. Fool me once….

Manly Beach in the Rain

I am hoping to get up early tomorrow morning and head over one block to Hyde Park and then the Royal Botanical Gardens. I have to leave here at 11:00AM – Tuesday, November 2nd. My flight leaves here at 2:10PM November 2nd. I arrive into LA at 9:45AM November 2nd. Go figure. Noon flight to Seattle. 8:00PM flight to Juneau. Whoo Hoo!

What cracks me up about the Hilton here is forty times I’ve heard about “the magic button.” Just press the button and anything you want is at your disposal. Alright then – let’s see. I pressed “the magic button” and asked for a side sleeper pillow. First off, the guy answered “Magic Services.” Wow – really? I made my request and was told it wasn’t a problem. Less than 10 minutes later Ms. Powell had a side sleeper complimentary pillow in her room. How crazy is that? Of course, I’m not tired – NEWMAN!

And for what it’s worth – my people watching this evening concluded that men should not be wearing tapered pants. That looks ridiculous. Really, get a grip and stop wearing ladies pants. Thank you.

It’s been good fun but I’m ready to go home now. Of course, I’m there for a about 5 days then head off to the NTA convention on November 9th in Montreal. What I really need to be doing is work on my Wearable Art Show outfit. I haven’t even started! WAH!

Alright so I’m signing off from Australia for now. Next stop Montreal and the French speaking – mental note, must bring my “Point It” book. HA!!

Meat Pie 101 Brisbane

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