Anyone Seen Nemo? Oh, There He Is.

Oh so what did you do for Halloween? I snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef. Giant Party of One coming up! I was up and out by 7:25AM Sunday morning – on my way to the reef via catamaran. I do have to admit, the Allen cats are much nicer – but then again when you have 50 people wandering around soaking wet, in their bare feet – your boat is going to take a hit. But really, no paper towels in the bathroom? Come on. I mean I know I’m already wet but towels would be nice.

And I really, really, really tried. I tried extra hard not to think about having to walk around in my bare feet all day. On the wet floor. On the wet mat that squished as you walked inside. On the wet floor with the random stray hairs and debris from people. On the wet floor of the bathroom. I tried really hard not to urple on that one. Kind of makes me throw up a little bit.

The wonderful bits were two stops on the outer reef and you jump right off the back of the boat.

The Great Barrier Reef

Lots of coral and fish. No sharks. No jelly fish. Thank goodness.

They did give us all wonderful Lycra suits to wear, which luckily prevented my back from being burned – just the backs of my legs. The black suits….so stylish for the smaller person…..

Getting ready to snorkel

Tonight for dinner I went to a little Italian place. I was going to go for Mud Crab but it’s currently at a Market Price of about $100. I’m not paying $100 for crab – when I can get it at home and it’s KING CRAB. Ridiculous. So I ended up with a cheese tray. And finally the server “got” the single eater idea. She was on top of it – finally, my last formal meal. Quite a few of the restaurants here are outside – so I was lucky enough to get a spot right on the sidewalk to people watch and look at the water across the street.

I’m off to Sydney tomorrow morning – it’s a 4 hour flight. I’m hoping to do the ghost walk but we’ll see if they get anyone signed up for tomorrow night. Then I’m leaving on Tuesday for home. It’s amazing. It took me two days to get here and I can make it home in one….of course the flight time is about 20 hours, not counting stops in LA and Seattle. Love that International Date Line on the return. I wonder if I’ll age in reverse as well? HA!!

Off to bed. Last night the neighbors in the room next door came home at 2:45AM and then proceeded to argue and scream and carry on. Really – have some personal responsibility people. Fingers crossed they aren’t there tonight. Although everyone celebrated Halloween on Saturday here – which I missed. Tonight a few restaurants had their servers dressed up but that was it. I was planning to go as an Alaskan.

1 thought on “Anyone Seen Nemo? Oh, There He Is.


    Hi Tootsie,
    How’s everything going? When do you fly back on my time? Is that tomorrow – Monday? Can’t wait until you get back home!
    Love you


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