Damn, It’s Hot.

Well it’s official. The Alaskan is truly melting. Wow. It’s hot. It’s humid. It’s hot and humid. Occasionally the wind blows as if to mock the hotness. And this isn’t even hot for Cairns. Oy. It’s like riding the elevator into the ovens of hell. “Next stop: Nearly There.” Tomorrow, I’m heading out to the Great Barrier Reef, which I think is on “Level: Nearly Baked.” One extra crispy Alaskan coming up!

The train ride from Brisbane was great. I did see a kangaroo in the wild, so that was fantastic. I spent my time in the tiny berth “roomette” eat snacks and drinking wine.

The roomette on the train.

Train Snacks

The food car didn’t look very appetizing, so I was glad for the snacks. I ended up taking an airplane pill to go to sleep and slept like a log. Woke up in the morning, put the shade up and watched the world go by outside.

View from The Sunlander train

The lady in the roomette next to me wouldn’t stop coughing on day two. It was a fake cough. Cough, cough. Ten minutes later…cough, cough. Really? I almost went over and offered her some Halls. Cough, cough. At least get a real cough. Then it turns out she and I shared a cab in Cairns to our hotels. She says to me in the cab, “where are you from? Your accent isn’t Australian.” I said my usual response – Alaska. And not kidding, her reply was, “oh, so can YOU see Russia from your house?” Ahhh no. Then she apologized and said that was rude of her. Yeah, thanks Sarah for making Alaskans look like idiots.

Today I walked all over Cairns and booked my Great Barrier Reef tour for tomorrow. 7:25AM pick up at the hotel. Two snorkel sites – six hours on the reef. I’m slightly nervous as I don’t like strangers and well, heaven help us if they say “oh you will have to partner with someone.” Yeah right….sorry, don’t speak English. It’s a local company so I’m feeling pretty good about it.

The strange thing I’ve noticed on my trip so far is people don’t know what to do with a single person. It’s strange. I usually get ignored. So we’ll see how it goes tomorrow. It’s a boat, I can’t go far – they can’t go far. Regardless, they will have to pay attention to me. Hello, Alaska gal here – be nice and I won’t bite.

I did bring BOTH bathing suits. My “serious” one piece purchased from the posh she-she shop called Costco and my cute, makes me feel good about myself and hides my legs “bathing skirt” (yes, that’s right SKIRT) purchased with Eric in Hawaii. I’m not sure which way I’ll go. If I rent a Lycra suit to prevent jelly fish stings, then I’ll need the “serious” suit. If I opt out of that I’ll need the “cute/feel good suit.” And it is a two piece — thank you.

Oh and some photos from my time in Brisbane. It was great fun. Jeff and I went everywhere – I don’t think I missed anything. So here’s a few snaps from there:


Mr. Nuggets

Beach somewhere in Brisbane area

Well I should get moving and get something to eat. Lots of places to choose from – all open air. Of course, I’m always trying to find something with air conditioning. There is a place down the street called, “Outback Jacks” where they have an enormous croc over the bar. Works for me….one single eater coming up….sound the alarms!

Oh wait, and a few snaps of Cairns – guess you’d like to see that huh?

Along the Cairns boardwalk

Cairns doesn't have a beach, so they have this man made pool area.

Tomorrow is Halloween here. I’ll be curious if they do anything. I did see one shop that had some costumes. It’s mostly tourists here – lots of young college age kids. I may wander around but don’t anticipate staying out late as I have to get to Sydney on Monday morning. Going to sign up for a ghost walk in Sydney! So excited.

Next stop…. Level Seven: Crispy Ears and Dirty Soles…..

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