Chapter Four: The TrainTrip

Good morning!
Today is my departure from Brisbane via train to the GBR. I’ve spent the last few days with Jeff and Janine, who were Princess Shorex and I’ve known Jeff since my Era Helicopter days. We went everywhere. The first thing was to head out to Lone Pine Koala Reserve where I was able to hold Crumble. She was very cute. Very heavy. Her fur was wooly and rough. Very long nails and she climbed into my arms and just hung on. It was the best part of my trip. Then we went and fed the kangaroos. The biggest one could have been called, “Nuggets” and I’ll let you ponder on that reasoning. Jeff then drove me all over Brisbane to look outs and highlights..

Yesterday we drove up to Sunshine Coast and visited lots of beaches – one in particular was great as the sand squeaked as you walked on it. It was a very busy day.

My first night here was filled with adventure. I thought a Tasmanian Devil was outside the window eating the cute little squeaky things in the trees. The howling and screaming was awful – at 4:00AM. Turns out it was two possums fighting. WAH! The birds are wonderful – all kinds of songs going on in the morning.

So I’m heading out on The Sunlander train in a few hours – to head up to the GBR. It’s an overnight train, so I’ll get into Cairns at 7:30PM tomorrow. Luckily I was able to get a single berth on the train, so I’m planning to pick up a bottle of wine to go along with my snacks from the local farmer’s market yesterday. Had a laugh at the market yesterday – I bought a print and the artist asked where I was from (Jeff was letting me do all the talking as “people like your accent.”) I told her Alaska. She said, “Oh, Canadians always get my sense of humor. The Americans don’t get it at all and I could count on one hand how many prints I’ve sold to Americans.” HA!! So now I’m a Canadian Alaska. Who knew?

It’s been hot and sunny – the Alaskan is melting.

I’ll write again when I get to Cairns.

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