I Might Have Gone Nutters

So I take off tomorrow for Paihia in my RENTAL car.  Driving on the WRONG side of the road.  I could be crazy.  It’s also the start of the Labour Day weekend so traffic will be a mess. I figure, I’ll just take full coverage – just in case.  I’ve tried to ride behind the driver when we take taxis, but being I nearly got run over walking today, I’m not so sure about this driving thing.  The up side is Auckland is much easier than any other city I’ve been in thus far.  The down side is I have to get out of the city!  There’s also a couple of traffic circles en route.  I feel like I should have had some magnetic signs made for the side of the rental that read, “Sorry!  Alaskan Driving!”  That would help explain things I’m sure.  Just stay left and yield to the right.

Had a lovely dinner this evening at Corey and Karen’s house.  They own Anderson Vacation.  She is a Kiwi so 80% of their time is spent in Auckland and the rest Corey spends in Calgary Canada.  Very nice couple.  Had a lot of laughs and fun.  I’d tell you where they live but couldn’t tell you.  We took the ferry to Davenport and then a taxi about 20 minutes from there.  Hum…..  Below are some pictures from this afternoon/ evening in Auckland. I realize there are duplicate photos – I can’t figure out what I’ve done so you’ll have to look at some photos twice. Modern technology.

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