Amen We’re Finished!

Whooo Hoooo!  We have finished all of our meetings today.  Just one more event – Anderson Vacations is hosting the Alaskans for a BBQ at the owner’s home this evening in Auckland.  Our schedule has been tough – several mornings having to catch 6:00AM flights.  One was an international flight, over to Auckland New Zealand so we had to actually leave the hotel at 3:00AM!  When I called for the wake up call, in case my alarm didn’t go off, when I requested the 2:00AM call the lady said, “oh, you’re part of the Alaskan group.”  HA!

We have a few hours before the BBQ so I’m going to head down to the harbor and check things out.  I’ll be heading out tomorrow morning for Bay of Islands, Piahia is the town.  Of course I found out today that it’s the start of Labour Day weekend here so traffic will be heavy.  But that’s okay – I’m in no rush.  It’ll take about 4 hours to drive over there.  I’m hoping to see some sheep along the way.  One gal last night told me there is a tourist trap called, “Sheep World” if I wanted to see sheep / sheep dogs etc.  Cheesy but gives you an idea.  I may just do that.

Below are some photos of the hotels – that’s the only thing I ‘ve seen this week.  We’ve been so busy but I’m looking forward to the next 10 days that’s for sure!  Right down the street is the Shakespeare Pub, where a couple of us went yesterday afternoon for lunch.  The bartender let me sample the beers so that was nice.  I accidentally switched my samples around and ending up ordering a “handle” of the beer that tasted like feet.  Whoops.  When we all went back last night to celebrate our last night of presentations I ordered the proper beer, the King Lear.   So much better.  Good fun though.

And the best news is that with all the flying, I haven’t had a chance to get nervous.  I’ve been hoping on and off like it’s a city trolley service.  Of course, there’s enough to keep my mind busy that I don’t really have time to think about it.

Enjoy your day!

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