Good News!

I just checked the Qantas Baggage Tracker and BOTH of my bags have arrived at the Sydney airport – and are in the “delivery process.”  Amen.  Will probably get them later this evening is my guess as they have to be cleared through customs and inspected, which makes me a little nervous as I’m not there.

Had 7 meetings this morning with travel wholesalers, lunch with about 15 media representative and dinner tonight with about 100 travel agents.  I currently have about 45 minutes before I have to be back downstairs for the dinner performance.

The scones with the travel wholesalers this morning were delicious with proper cream and jam – delightful.  Lunch was served and you either had lamb leg or beef cheeks.  They served them alternatively and I had the beef cheeks.  They were so tender you could cut them with a spoon.

We’re off to Brisbane in the morning – 11:00AM flight.  It’s only about an hour flight so that’s a relief.

I was told today that I don’t have much of an accent and was asked to “do the Juneau accent.”  I don’t think Juneau really has an accent, but I’m delighted to hear that I don’t have a terrible one.  HA!  Every once in a while I do have to ask, “what do you say?” Either I didn’t understand what they were saying due to their accent or the words used were unfamiliar to me.  But the Australians are so nice.  One gal told me today “Sydney’s the meanest city in the country – every where else people are nicer.”  Really, cause I think they’re pretty nice.  Of course they’re all apologizing for the terrible weather —- which is ridiculous!  Blue skies, sunny and about 75 degrees — that’s pretty nice.

They’re also very impressed with how well we all work together as an industry, which is neat.  Our media event turned out well – lots in attendance, which the local Alaska tour rep said was very unusual for the media.  And “they were very well behaved” she commented!  HA!

Well on to the next thing….watch out.

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