Hellish Nightmare Called Qantas

I don’t even know where to begin except I have finally arrived into my hotel room in Sydney – 24th floor thank you.  Only after being told in LA that my “confirmed” ticket was actually a STAND BY ticket.  I had my carry on bag with my extra change of clothes and all my business supplies nearly ripped out of my hands by a woman at the Qantas ticket counter in LAX – saying it was too big – it was 3 kg over, which was my laptop.  Luckily I was able to snag that out before she had a guy check my bag.

The guy, Howie, at the gate counter was so helpful that at one point he told me that since I didn’t buy my ticket on time or pay full price then I’m at the bottom of the line for a seat.  Everyone else has priority over you – he said..  Then he threw his hands up in the air, walked around the counter towards me and said, “that’s the way it works.”  They were “preparing to depart” before someone actually gave me a seat…..actually it took me asking three times before someone would give me a seat.  Then the last guy walked me right up to the counter and look at that — a boarding pass with my name was sitting right there.

Bulk head, next to a baby.  The guy next to me was in the same boat.  The baby did great.

Got to Sydney – guess what NO LUGGAGE.  I’ve got what I wore when I left Seattle on Friday – sweats, t-shirts and sneakers.  Pretty sure I can’t meet the travel agents, wholesalers and the media in this outfit.  Oh yeah and I stink.

So I’m now off to do some shopping as I don’t even have any toothpaste, let alone anything for “business casual.”

And I love Jeff at the Qantas Customer Service desk in Sydney.  He’s wonderful.  Had to go to Sydney to meet a nice Qantas employee go figure.

Off and running.  Don’t fly Qantas.

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