T-Minus 9 Hours

Well I’ve got my bags packed and ready to go.  I’ll be leaving Silverdale about 11:00AM to get back to the airport, return the car, get lost on the way and check in at Quantas.  My flight to LA isn’t until 5:30 so I should, in theory, have plenty of time to visit Vino Vollo wine bar in SeaTac and then maybe go to Butter and have a pedicure.  It’s like a vacation spot in the airport.  Now if you could get the pedicure while having the wine, that would be ideal.

From my bad calculations, being I’m not a number person, I think Australia is 18 hours ahead of Alaska time.  Does that seem right?  it’s 8:15AM Friday Seattle time currently and my little device tells me it’s 2:15AM Saturday.  I leave today at 11:30PM and then arrive into Sydney on their Sunday (our Saturday) at 8:30AM, which seems quite a bit more than 18 hours.  :o)

At any rate, for the next week, through Friday I think it is — our days start with a morning flight around 6:00AM  then go until about 9:00PM with the travel agents and the workshops.  This is going to be a long week.

Well I need to get downstairs for the morning meetings.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed the internet isn’t too expensive at the hotels.  Although the one place in Sydney was charging $27 for the connection!  WAH!

Watch out koalas and kangaroos!  HA!

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