T-minus 15 minutes!

Okay so I’m sitting in the hallway at SEATAC – so I can charge up my computer and Blackberry before the flight.  Going Seattle to LA with a 4 hour layover then onto Sydney at 11:50PM.  It’s a little over FIFTEEN HOURS to get there.  Holy cow, you must be kidding.   Got the drugs so we’re good.

The pooper is I’m a window seat on the flight to LA – it’s that trapped feeling that I have issues with.  As soon as I sit down I have to pee.  Really, perhaps I should consider wearing Depends on these kinds of journeys.

Vino Vollo Wine Bar was packed at SEATAC so instead of enjoying a flight of wine for $25 I gulped down 9oz at $13 — definitely a lower class enjoyment rating.

Uhhhh excuse me small person on the floor here!

Ran into Marty, who is a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines in the terminal.  Haven’t seen her in ages – I NEVER see anyone in the airport I know.  Small world.  It was nice to see a friendly face.  Of course, I immediately asked if she was working the LA flight – NOPE.


Okay well they’re boarding in 10 minutes and I have to walk back to the gate…maybe I’ll find an outlet in LA and update you on THAT experience.  I hate window seats.  Well if I have to use the bathroom 14 times, I have to use the restroom.  Would you rather I pee on you or climb over you?  Well depending on the person, I may not want to ask that on the LA flight.

God speed…..


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