Made it to Seattle

Good morning!

Well, I made it to Seattle – after a minor melt down in the Juneau airport.  Poor TSA agents didn’t know what to do with me, so they searched my bags.  HA!  The winds were bad enough in Ketchikan that we overflew and got to Seattle an hour early.  It was cloudy the whole way to Seattle, well from what I could see, as I slept the whole way.  Had the whole row to myself – sweet!

Had dinner last night with Maria.  She used to work for HAL as a Shorex Manager and we’ve kept in touch over the years.  Now she owns a great doggie day care called Peanut’s Pals in Edmonds/Ferndale.  Peanut was keeping Pearl, a little Pomeranian company and Chloe, the Chihuahua was over nighting for the week.  We ended up going down the way to a local Indian restaurant.  Again, very good selection as I let Maria order since there’s too many options.

Still have to make my hotel reservations for New Zealand and Cairns – that’s up next.  No pressure.  OH – and my time for the PowerPoint presentation is FIVE MINUTES!  How on earth am I going to talk about 10 companies in FIVE MINUTES?  Oy.

I better get moving!

Enjoy the day!

1 thought on “Made it to Seattle

  1. All Alaska Tours GIRLS!!

    We just wanted to stop in and say hi. We know you miss us SOOOO much and are looking forward to our fabulous Des ladies emails upon your return. :-} Don’t worry you have about 100 emails from us. ha ha.

    We have purchased a fabulous new costume for next year. It has ALL the bells and whistles you can imagine. 😉

    Have fun and safe travels~!

    Wendy and Heidi!!


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